Dear Regent Park staff, I was at your facility during the COVID outbreak, and I just want to tell you we were deeply grateful for the times my husband was able to visit while I was in your facility. It was a blessing to be together and just visit face to face for 30 minutes. My experience the three weeks I was there, was excellent & everyone was so helpful, considerate and pleasant. It was a very good experience! Thank you in Christ’s love, 2021
Thanks to all of you for taking such good care of my husband, Bud J. You put up with my calls every day. Two ladies that I got to know well, Alex and Colleen, you are marvelous. All the others that I didn’t know their names, you are no less important. Thank you all so much through the great Physical therapy and Occupational therapy staff who worked tirelessly with Bud. I really appreciate you all! Gratefully, 2021
Sherry T.
Dear Mr. Warren,

I hope you will accept this belated, but very sincere thank you for the wonderful care Herb received at Regent Park Rehabilitation & Healthcare. You can be very proud of Regent Park. Your staff are pleasant, gracious, friendly, accommodating, professional, caring and proficient.

With deep gratitude & respect. 2021

Jane & Herb M.

After transferring to Regent Park from a nearby nursing home, I was so very happy. I have never felt so much love and care coming from people and staff that I didn’t even know, and who really didn’t know me either. I have had such great care from everyone here, I just can’t say enough about your staff. Alex is one of my nurse aides that has been with me since I came, and I know the Lord put her in my path because I feel so at ease with her, and the care that comes from her heart. You can’t fake that; she is a gem! I just wanted you to know the staff you have hired can’t be beat Thank you so much for all the care and love your staff gave me! 2021
Nancy N.

Regent Park has been amazing!!! Everyone there is so good at what they do, mom really loves it there!

Sarah N.

Erika Benefield and Regent Park staff:

Our family would like to express our appreciation and regard for the care given to our mother, Georgia Lambke, who lived at Regent Park for the last two years. Prior to that, she was there for two rehabilitation stays so we have a long and varied experience with your facility.
One of the most noticeable attributes of your staff is that in general they do not talk down to residents or even worse, use the baby talk voice so many people use when addressing older people. Whether that is an explicit part of your staff training or simply an outgrowth of your facility’s culture, it’s a significant way to convey respect and dignity. We saw that consistently and appreciated it.

Many of the people who were there during our mother’s first rehabilitation stay are still there now. That leads us to believe that Regent Park is a good place to work and that people are committed to keeping it that way. We felt like the staff knew and cared about our mother. Especially near the end of her life, that was very important to us because we knew and trusted the staff members who were taking care of her and giving us information and guidance we needed to help navigate her last days.

The level of care provided by the nursing staff is what we saw the most but we also saw the same dedication in the housekeeping, food service, rehabilitation, and administrative staff. Our mother developed special fondness for people in all of these areas and we appreciate their contributions as well.

There are no easy jobs in healthcare and in the current circumstance, they are all made more difficult. Our family was unsettled about the lockdown protocol because we knew it would be hard on our mother to not have the family visits she was used to. People at Regent Park were understanding and helpful as we tried to find ways to keep some connection (especially helping set up and use the video chat device we wanted in her room).

As the news continues to get worse about COVID-19 outbreaks in long-term care facilities, we are reminded of the recognition that Regent Park consistently receives from accreditation agencies and acknowledge the efforts it takes on everyone’s part to maintain an operation at that level.

Please convey our appreciation to your entire staff.


Georgia Lambke’s Family

Thank you; nice care, good help, lots of nice things to make my stay enjoyable.


Good morning!

Have to tell you, I really appreciated my time in Kansas seeing my Dad and visiting with my family out there. I was very impressed with the care my Dad is getting, the responsiveness and kind and respectful treatment he is receiving from the staff. Also, of real importance was seeing how clean the facility is kept including the dining area. The food is very good and kitchen help is very accommodating. Bingo was fun and the activities schedule is amazing. Thank you to all!!

Sharon A.

Dear Regent Park Staff,

I cannot say enough thank yous to each and every one of you for your professionalism, kindness, excellent care and thoughtfulness to first, my mother and second to me and my family! You made my mother’s last days as comfortable as possible. And after her passing-thank you for collecting her belongings and having them ready for us to pick up. And thank you too for your thoughtful card and then the lovely fruit basket.

Thank you again from all of us.

From the family of Sally L.

The outstanding care you surrounded for our mother we are forever grateful. Please enjoy Danish with your coffee in memory of her.

Best wishes,
the family of Tessie N.

We appreciate all you’ve done for, and been to, my mom. I’ll never forget you all.

Mary Ann H.

Thanks for all you have done. We couldn’t’ have had better care anywhere-you are so thoughtful and caring. We will miss all your smiling faces!

Just a note to thank all of you for the family Thanksgiving dinner. The food was delicious (it always is) and everyone who helped make it a very special evening. We appreciate all you do for us every day!


Harold and Mary K.

Words cannot express how much I appreciate all that you did for Clarence. He received such wonderful care for his last four months of life. You have such a wonderful caring staff. Thanks so much for all you did. Thank you so much for the beautiful peace lily.

Roena S. and Family

Thank you to all the wonderful staff who cared for Betty A. and Nellie L.

The team at Harry Hynes Memorial Hospice

Thank you for the lovely flowers sent in honor of Loretta B.


Kenneth B. and Family

I would like to spread love to all of you; your caring will always remain with me.

Juanita P.

Thank you guys so much for the beautiful flowers! Ron was a master gardener, a fitting tribute! Thanks again for your great care for a great guy!

Brian W.

The family of Don A. acknowledges with deep appreciation your kind expression of sympathy.

Gratefully acknowledging and thanking you for your kind expression of sympathy. Regent Park friends, thank you for the fresh flowers and your thoughtfulness.


The U. Family

Regent Park Rehabilitation is fabulous. Far beyond what we could have ever expected.

Michelle C.

My father has only good things to say about his care while he was at RPRH.

Bill V.

I am very pleased with the care I received. I was a patient there when I had my first knee replaced. So of course, I came back from Kansas City to have rehabilitation when I had my other knee replaced. I wish everyone could have the accommodations I have enjoyed.

Carolina H.

I enjoy the time I come to visit my mother at RPRH. She is at Regent park for rehab and has excellent care. We couldn’t be happier. Everyone is always so friendly and welcoming.

Jim H.

This place is more than I ever expected. Beautiful and the staff here is so friendly and caring. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.


Everyone is so friendly and willing to help; my husband said that it is like walking into a beautiful hotel. The service is very good here, you need help and they respond very quickly; so much better than we expected.

Mr. Stansberry

I am so impressed with my stay at Regent Park Rehab and Healthcare. The staff seem to all work together so well to make my stay comfortable. From the nursing, therapy, life enrichment, and, dining services. The food is great and the selection is great. I will miss RPRH when my time here is done.


I appreciate the friendly atmosphere. The staff seems happy to assist you.