Physical and Occupational Therapy

During rehabilitation, patients will receive personalized restorative therapy services. This includes physical and occupational therapies that are delivered through a goal-based program to help regain motion capabilities.

Our physical therapy team focuses on achieving and maintaining the highest possible level of mobility, strength, range of motion, balance, and flexibility. Therapists also work on pain management by incorporating appropriate modalities into therapy sessions. This may include the use of heat and ice, ultrasound, electric nerve stimulation, and diathermy.

Our occupational therapy team also works on daily living skills such as bathing and dressing. In addition, they also assist with resuming activities based on personal interests.

Walking Programs

At Regent, our walking program is a collaborative effort between our therapy and nursing departments. Walking incorporates weight-bearing exercise and enhances mobility, endurance, strength, and balance. The therapy department evaluates each resident and, if appropriate, a walking program with detailed recommendations is incorporated into the resident’s care plan. Our nursing staff then implements the program using care techniques to ensure residents remain safe while working through the program.