Dining Experience

Dining at Regent Park is an experience you’ll love. We place an emphasis on socializing with friends and at the same time enjoying a delicious, chef-prepared meal in our bright, open-concept dining room.

While most nursing homes have their kitchens hidden away, Regent Park utilizes two, open neighborhood kitchens in order to create and prepare meals where residents can see and smell their food before it reaches their plates.

We believe in quality and choice, which is why Regent meals are served restaurant style. Instead of a set menu, residents select what they’re in the mood for à la carte.

Where Every Meal is an Occasion

At Regent, our staff goes beyond the call of duty for our residents and families. We keep our menu updated with all of your favorites: carving stations, flambeed desserts, grilled steaks, fine wine, as well as seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables.

We employ culinary-trained chefs in order to create delicious, nutritious meals catered to the individual needs and palates of our residents and guests. From made-to-order breakfasts to special occasions like birthdays, our culinary team will go the extra mile to ensure that your meals are created with nutrition in mind, and served with the friendliest possible service.